Monday, September 19, 2016

Startups are doing everything at twice the speed in 2016 to survive bureaucracy and the "why change" mentality.

We were thrilled when our new wellness company, Penta 5 USA, decided to take the giant step and go to the market place and raise funds for growth the old fashioned way. From application to approval a lightning 9 months of breath taking activity.

For a little startup like ours we are lucky that we are nimble and fast to move. All types of demands were made and we met them.

The big chemical companies around us thrive on timeline drag into the distant future. They set the pace in the wellness segment and so the bureaucrats follow.

We have the desire and need to go fast and face this slow disconnect at every corner. Are we in the 21st century or what?

We are working in the wellness segment which is very much against change. Sometimes our frustration is high because at every corner we find road blocks. Established companies are comfortable in supplying the same old chemicals that have not worked for years and the problems persist. Why you might ask? If their products worked why do we continue to have problems?

The new millennials are going to shake this old tree and the fruit left behind is going to be bigger, fresher, and meet their needs. All-natural, non toxic, environmentally friendly
and a solution they can see. Just look around at brands, stores that are dying because they are ignoring these millennial generation needs.

We have modern all-natural products fully tested that will help people every day in their busy lives.

Our staff and keen interested customers understand that we are subject to multiple layers of reviews and approvals to sell our products, but do not understand the time to market.

Every step forward is an adventure. After all we are new without much of a track record and so we need to prove we are resilient and are sticking around.

Our strategy has become to embark on opportunities that the market presents to us like the Zika scare, where our all-natural ANYTIME no-bite Lotion has laboratory proven results that no mosquito carrying the Zika virus will come near you.

We have donated product to NGO's and churches and their letters back showing smiling children who are not at risk from mosquitos makes it all worthwhile. Pity we can't do this closer to home.

The future for us is to stay nimble, fast, and jump on any opportunity that presents us the chance to state our case and demonstrate our wellness proven solutions.