Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The next big thing!!

Everything we touch, discuss or read about today has some sort of innovation.

Here are some examples. Chobani yogurt has no chemicals. It turned a stale old fashioned sugar and chemical ladened food market segment upside down. Today they are a market leader.

Whole Foods with organic and natural foods from source to sale opened a new food segment and supply chain. Amazon just acquired them.

HTWO™ Beverages with hydrogen infused water opened a new segment in the busy water market. They not only introduced hydrogen water, but also new packaging.

MosquitoPaQ™ LLC launched all natural ANYTIME® no-bite mosquito lotion with sunscreen repellant. This 2-in-1 combination has no DEET and is suitable for the whole family, including pets. They quickly followed this up with outdoor ZONE no-bite spatial that protects your home and garden from mosquitoes, which once exposed to the product no longer seek a blood meal. Both packages won international awards in their first year.

So today if you want to survive, you have to be discovering, testing, fast tracking your results and getting product out there to continue the cycle of innovation.

It was all email, then texting and now Instagram what's next?

ABC introduced Daily's Redi-2-DrinQ™ cocktails in a tall shaped environmentally friendly pouch. They were purchased recently.

If you remain tied to the old legacy technology you will not survive. Today it is all about following consumer attention.

Basically people want change and convenience. They love to discuss and utilize these new and innovative products.

So look for the next big thing and please let me know!