Thursday, November 1, 2018

Building Customer Loyalty

Store owners everywhere are wondering what to do next as they have to compete with online channels. Brand managers are concerned how to jump out of the social media story to get your order. Who would have thought sales would grow in this manner?

Some retailers are looking at turning their stores into destinations where consumers can spend some time looking, and hopefully spending money. These destination add ons can include: restaurants, cooking classes, how to do clubs etc. 

Brand loyalty now really plays a part in sales. Ambience around the selling point is going to be key. More samples to taste, more coupons or special offers to entice, and of course reviews from the social media are going to become the norm. 

Sampling products is a start. Very soon in the future people will be buying the prepared meal with the sample to take home and finish cooking at meal times. 

Building supply stores will offer solutions and technical staff to come and install. Car dealerships will use the web to show safety, comfort and payment plans that you need never own the vehicle. That will create a customer for life as they just keep handing back the vehicle for a new one. This is the perfect solution to brand loyalty. 

Our customers for our packaging machines are becoming more demanding and want to know the cost from purchase to selling the machine. How many units can be produced in a machine lifetime and at what cost per unit. How much downtime, what are the material losses and of course energy savings and carbon dioxide footprint. Price is an indicator but the story sells the machine. 

The current focus today is on premium brands, and they have to outperform the competition. 

The future looks bleak for the ‘me to’ brands or those without many consumer benefits. Brands are now required to prove their value in order to survive. 

Our approach is to showcase our heritage, and the support of our brands. We will also continue to introduce new distinguishing brands, and products, with many consumer and environmental benefits.