Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Healthy Food and Meeting the Needs of the Wellness Segment

The Nielsen recently reported that 39% of shoppers suffer from some kind of illness.

So seeking foods that help solve their problems is high on their list. Examples include gluten free foods, or low sugar and fat free foods for obesity and sugar diabetes problems.

These folks represent 20 million households and are you ready, $120 billion in annual grocery shopping.

With this healthcare segment in mind we are launching a range of wellness products.

LunchBrowns, a simple daily brown bag of five organic foods for school lunches or snacking. The brown bag contains a juice or water, cookie, protein, fruit and cheese snack. Mom never had it easier to provide a healthy lunch snack with little effort. A zesty recipe of products is also available.

On the hydration side we have a well researched HTWO™ water with an extra hydrogen molecule. This stamina water assists in many areas of our daily lives, ensuring we have the stamina to continue with little stress.

HTWO™ water is packed at Penta5 USA on a patented machinery system provided by PGS Machines. The unique four sided pouch and cap structure retains the hydrogen for an extended shelf life period.

The aim is to help fight unnecessary diseases.