Monday, July 2, 2018


Most folks working in flexible packaging are not aware of the state, or size of our industry. Recently the Flexible Packaging Association presented preliminary figures that are startling to say the least. 

In the US the total packaging industry is estimated at $167 billion with flexible packaging at 19% or $31 billion. Flexible packaging is now second only to corrugated paper 24% and ahead of rigid plastic and bottles 15%. 

There are 420 companies employing 79,000 people. The average sale per employee is $221,000. 

For us as a machinery supply company, the end user flexible market segments are important. 

Personal care / 1%
Beverages / 5%
Dog and cat food / 2%
Food / 69%
Home care products / 1%
Hygiene products / 5%
Tobacco / 17%

Looking ahead we as an industry must communicate the sustainable benefits and work towards a solution for more recyclables. 
The Florida FPL Waste To Energy plants are a huge success and should be encouraged country wide. 

Our 21 year old S. E. C. A. M. P. (Sustainable Environmental Conscious Approach for Machinery Pouches) ensures that we offer lightweight pouches, and machines that use reduced energy but leave no carbon dioxide platform behind. This helps make us an industry leader.